Bankruptcy Car Loans

You Can Be Approved for Finance After Bankruptcy

Do you find yourself faced with filing bankruptcy papers? Please consider allowing us to be one of the first companies to help you get your life back after bankruptcy. At Liquidation Car Company, we pride ourselves in helping people in the Bellingham, Ferndale and the surrounding area who bad damaged credit, or have had bankruptcy discharged and are in need a means of transportation.

Car Loans After Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

In-house financing through Liquidation Car Company is much more than simply being approved for a bad credit car loan. Our dealership provides used vehicles at zero percent interest, regardless of credit. We make owning your next vehicle possible! You can qualify for a vehicle after your bankruptcy is discharged.

You can receive your pre-approval through our in-house finance form. It uses down payment, income, and other criteria to help you feel confident in your vehicle purchase. You can know that it is an expense that you can afford! We have a no credit check policy, so your credit score is not considered in the process.

7 Reasons Why People File for Bankruptcy

Medical Expenses
62% of all bankruptcies are medical expenses, due to the rising cost of medical care. Many who have health insurance are forced to file for bankruptcy as a result of the high cost of unexpected medical expenses

Loss of a Job or Reduced Income

Although the average American Family receives a monthly income much larger than families within other countries, many people do not  set aside funds in the case of a financial set back; If this is combined with a comfortable or lavish lifestyle it can spell bankruptcy. When your primary source of income is affected through the loss of employment or a cut in hours, the results can be devastating. In today’s economy, the process of securing another job can prove to take longer than expected. During a time of financial reversal, bills continue needing to be paid. Although people are good hearted and strive to continue to honor their commitments and pay their debt, sometimes this becomes more difficult when jobs are not available.

Credit Card Debt

When your primary source of income is affected or lost, you still need to pay for food, gas, housing and life’s necessary expenses. Often these expenses are charged to a  credit card during times of financial difficulty. Excessive Shopping is a pitfall for many Americans. The mismanaging of funds may also be a factor resulting in Bankruptcy.

The fees and after affects of divorce can sink even the most sturdy financial planning and situation.

An accident is an unexpected turn of events in which the aftermath can leave life changing results. Most people today do not save, or cannot afford to save for life’s most uncertain events like automotive breakdowns, total loss accidents, flood or storm damage, the ones we love in need, or unexpected medical situations.

Student Loans
From 2012-2017, the cost of furthering your education has increased by more than 11%. The majority of students finance their College Education through expensive student loans which take years to pay off. With expenses of living continuing to increase, student loans may result in the filing of Bankruptcy.

We Can Get You an Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

The first way in which we can get you an Auto Loan is that we don’t check your credit score. As a “Buy Here Pay Here” Car Lot, we are the bank. We don’t take your information and run it through a Bank or Credit Union’s system to get you approved. We make the decision on a case by case, individual basis by using our  in-house finance form.  Our simple financing process ensures that you can own a  pre-owned used vehicle that fits your needs and financial situation.

Secondly, we can work with you on your down payment amount, because we understand how difficult it can be to come up with a down payment after a bankruptcy.

Please note that we may be able to get you a Post Bankruptcy Auto Loan. Please apply for your car loan after bankruptcy by using our pre-approval form.

Call 360-647-1477 today to receive more information; you’ll be glad that you did!

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