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You Can Be Approved for Finance After Bankruptcy

Do you find yourself faced with filing bankruptcy papers? Please consider allowing us to be one of the first companies to help you get your life back after bankruptcy. At Liquidation Car Company, we pride ourselves in helping people in the Bellingham, Ferndale and the surrounding area who bad damaged credit, or have had bankruptcy discharged and are in need a means of transportation.

Car Loans After Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

In-house financing through Liquidation Car Company is much more than simply being approved for a bad credit car loan. Our dealership provides used vehicles at zero percent interest, regardless of credit. We make owning your next vehicle possible! You can qualify for a vehicle after your bankruptcy is discharged.

You can receive your pre-approval through our in-house finance form. It uses down payment, income, and other criteria to help you feel confident in your vehicle purchase.

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