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    At Liquidation Car Company, we pride ourselves in the ability to  help people in need of reliable transportation, by providing them an avenue to own their vehicle, regardless of credit. Our customers are real people, with real lives. We do what it takes to take great care of every customer. Since 1984, we have been a no credit check auto dealership, which means that you can qualify for one of reliable vehicles without your credit being taken into account.
    Liquidation Car Company is unlike any other dealership that you may have visited in the past.  The overall quality of the vehicles that we sell and our “family” atmosphere set us apart from the rest. Come visit us and experience the difference for yourself.
    When you walk into our Dealership, you can always expect to be greeted by a friendly representative. Since we are a auto dealership that accepts any credit type, we will take the time to understand your unique situation and set of circumstances to best assist you in your vehicle search.  If you buy a vehicle from us, you can always expect excellent customer service and a family atmosphere during the tenure of your contract with us.
    Due to the surplus of inventory that we have, we add new vehicles daily. After going through our thorough reconditioning process, they become Liquidation Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and are put on our Buy Here Pay Here car lot  as available for financing.Check our inventory online or call the sales office at 360-647-1477 to see what’s new on the lot.
    You can make your monthly payment at the Sales Office  with cash, cashier’s check, or a money order. You may also call in with a debit or credit card over the phone.
    We have a fully-staffed service center that we partner with. This service center is used to inspect all of the vehicles prior to their selling or for any type of service/repairs that may arise during the tenure of our customers’ contract. We offer a reduced hourly labor rate of $75/hr and discounted parts. You may also be eligible for obtaining financing for auto repairs through the service center, allowing you to get back on the road sooner.
    Yes!  Should you have a vehicle that you have interest in selling or using as trade-in, stop by our Sales Office today for an estimated value!
    Since Liquidation Car Company is known for it’s family like atmosphere, we don’t require appointments to buy or finance vehicles. Feel free to stop by at your earliest convenience to speak with a representative about any questions that you may have.

    We acknowledge the value of your time, so if you are short on time, we recommend scheduling an appointment. Calling ahead for an appointment will reserve a time and a salesperson to work with you immediately. If you like, you can expedite the process by getting your  pre-approval for a bad credit car loan prior to stepping onto our Sales Lot.

    If you have other questions, we are here to answer them all! Either call us directly at 360-647-1477, send us an email using any of the forms on this site, or come down to our no credit check dealership in Bellingham.

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