Rita Charles

Job Description

“I just bought a Oldsmobile last month I love it. First thing we took it out of town it ran great but as always something goes wrong but it still ran very well. Iv never owned a car like this one before n I love this one. It was a great experience from the start. I went there feeling down from a bad experience I had at a different car lot. But ended up smiling big time n happy when I left Liquidation. I so needed another car . N I’m thankful for the staff at Liquidation everyone was so polite n helpful. They even let me use their phone charger lol cuz my phone died. But what I’m try get at now is I feel so blessed as I said before my car needed repairs n I was so scared I wouldn’t have enough to pay for it to get fixed but had to try because I loved the car. Well in the end I got my car bk with no charge. I was like wat???? I was n shock. But way happy becuz I am on limited income n didn’t have any money . I’m thanking Liquidation company so much for helping me out in this way I had a hard time try not to cry. I pray for a greAt blessing for ur staff specially the mechanics. Thank u thank u so much. It means a lot to me knowing I will be able to get around n not worry bout breaking down. I’d recommend Liquidation to everyone. Iv been telling my family that have been looking to buy a car. Much blessings to u all .”

Projects Details

  • Fully responsive and ready for all mobile devices
  • Integrated inventory management system
  • Simple option panel and very easy to customize
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is 100% built-in
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